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3) Sec. cuatro – Controls away from pre-natal symptomatic techniques

(1) No Hereditary Guidance Centre, Genetic Research or Genetic Clinic except if registered around which Operate, shall make or relate solely to, or assist in, performing circumstances according to pre-natal diagnostic techniques

(2) No Hereditary Counselling Center, Genetic Research otherwise Genetic Clinic should employ or reason enough to be working any individual who perhaps not possess the prescribed certificates

(3) No medical geneticist, gynecologist pediatrician entered medical practitioner or other people shall perform or reason to be conducted or assist in carrying out on his own or by way of every other people, one pre-natal diagnostic process in the an area apart from a place registered under which Operate.

With the and you may from the commencement regarding the Work: (1) Nowhere in addition to a registered Genetic Therapy Center or Hereditary Lab or Hereditary Medical center should be utilized otherwise brought about to be used by anyone to own conducting pre-natal symptomatic procedure except for brand new objectives given inside term (2) and you can immediately following fulfilling the standards specified for the term (3)

(2) Zero pre-natal diagnostic process should be presented with the exception of the newest reason for recognition of any of one’s following problems, namely: (i) Chromosomal abnormalities (ii) Hereditary metabolic illness (iii) Haemoglobinopathies (iv) Sex – linked genetic illness (v) Congenital anomalies (vi) Any other abnormalities otherwise problems just like the tends to be specified because of the Main Supervisory Board

(3) no pre-natal symptomatic procedure is used or presented unless anyone capable to exercise is actually met you to all pursuing the conditions is fulfilled, namely:– (i) Chronilogical age of the brand new expectant mother try significantly more than thirty-five years (ii) the fresh expectant mother keeps experienced out-of a couple of impulsive abortions or foetal losses (iii) the fresh new pregnant woman got met with potentially teratogenic agencies such as because pills, radiation, issues otherwise toxins (iv) brand new expectant mother has actually a family reputation of rational retardation or physical deformities like spasticity or any other genetic problem (v) other reputation due to the fact may be specified of the Main Supervisory Board

(4) no body, getting a relative or even the spouse of one’s young pregnant woman shall look for otherwise encourage the make of any prenatal symptomatic process into their apart from the idea specified from inside the clause (2).

4) Sec. 5 – Written concur away from young pregnant woman and you will ban of communicating the intercourse from foetus

(1) No body described during the condition of part 3 should perform the fresh pre-natal symptomatic actions unless of course- (a) he’s informed me all understood front and you will after effects of such actions toward pregnant woman worried (b) he has acquired about prescribed setting the woman authored consent to undergo particularly actions on language and therefore she knows and you can (c) a copy off this lady written concur gotten not as much as term (b) is offered into young pregnant woman.

(2) No person performing pre-natal symptomatic methods should express to your pregnant woman concerned otherwise this lady household members new sex of your own foetus from the terminology, signs or even in various other manner.

5) Sec. 6 – Commitment from gender blocked. On the and you may throughout the beginning associated with the Operate

(a) zero Hereditary Counselling Centre otherwise Hereditary Laboratory otherwise Hereditary Clinic shall perform or reason enough to be held within the Centre, Research otherwise Infirmary, pre-natal diagnostic processes plus ultrasonography, with regards to deciding the latest sex out-of good foetus

(b) no person will conduct or reason to be conducted one pre-natal symptomatic techniques together with ultrasonography for the true purpose of deciding the brand new sex out-of a good foetus.

6) Sec. twenty two – Ban off offer according to pre-natal devotion out-of sex and you will abuse getting contravention

(1) Nobody, organization, Hereditary Counseling Heart, Hereditary Lab or Hereditary Infirmary should question otherwise reason to be awarded one advertisement any way regarding establishment regarding pre-natal devotion from sex offered by particularly Centre, Laboratory, Medical center and other lay.