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Solution: in accordance with Ihtiyat Wajib, it’s haram for a woman to check out the body of a non-Mahram guy

Address: it is far from a challenge for women to look at the face area and possession alongside body parts that guys usually dont cover, provided that it is far from because of the aim of crave or concern with dropping into sin. AGKLMS

However, the permissibility for a female to examine the body parts of a non-Mahram people being generally kept available, like, the head, etc… just isn’t without doubt, unless this particular searching leads or facilitate one out of committing a sin.B

12 a€“ concern: could it be permissible for a person to examine the facial skin and arms of a non-Mahram lady who is inside the Taqlid of a Marjaa€? just who says it is permissible to help keep these available?

Response: There is no relationship between the permissibility of maintaining the palms and face open and looking at these parts.G

It is also haram to examine your very own looks in the echo or perhaps in anything else making use of intention of bringing about sexual pleasure

13 a€“ tip: It is really not permissible to look at a non-Mahram woman who may have any sort of beauty on her behalf, regardless if really things such as for instance a female attempting on some clothes, a ring, a wristband, a belt, or other things to see if it match. AKG

In the event that zinat regarding the face and possession is constructed of an ordinary band, or perhaps the removal of facial hair or applying Surma, regardless if they are common among outdated women, then it’s not a problem for men to consider these elements provided really accomplished without the intention of lust. However, as for other kinds of zinat, as an example Fort Collins hookup apps, necklaces and bangles, these ought to be secure from non-Mahram people as well as for this, non-Mahram men are prohibited to check out might be found both. T

14 a€“ concern: will it be permissible to consider the sole, top, back on the base or the calf of a non-Mahram Muslim girl if this lady has maybe not sealed they precisely, and if really minus the intention of lust?

Response: No, it’s not enabled, along with the exception to this rule associated with the face and palms, one isn’t permitted to examine any part your body of a non-Mahram woman. ABK

Solution: truly haram to consider the body of a non-Mahram woman at all, and according to Ihtiyat Wajib, it’s not permissible to consider the lady face and hands both. Grams

Address: when the girl are among some of those whom observes her the proper Islamic hijab, or if she had been advised concerning the hijab, she’d abide by it, it is maybe not permissible to consider those elements, or else it’s not a challenge. S

Answer: According to Ihtiyat, it’s not permitted to check out the base (very top and also the base regarding the foot around the ankle)T

15 a€“ tip: If one worries that in the event that the guy talks about a non-Mahram woman he will belong to sin, he then must not take a look at her. AKLMS

16 a€“ guideline: it’s haram to consider a non-Mahram lady because of the aim of lust. or even to produce sexual pleasure, even it may be the girl face and fingers, and/or shape of this lady human body. ABGKLMST

D) Standard Procedures

17 a€“ tip: really haram to examine anyone or any such thing making use of goal of crave or aided by the fear any particular one will fall into sin (with the exception of an individual’s partner), even when you’re considering a Mahram. This guideline applies to considering a lady, guy, pet, inanimate item, image, movie, statue, or other thing. ABGKL