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Avoid using the same condom more often than once, adopting the condom has been utilized it should be thrown away

Birth control alternatives

Normally it is unwise and come up with presumptions, but by virtue of one’s fact you are on this new verge out of paying next 3 to 4 years of your life time looking to locate a beneficial university education, we will believe that having a baby (otherwise helping your partner in being pregnant) may not be area of the package during this period of lifetime.

While lifestyle can frequently have little regard for our most useful-laid arrangements, using contraceptives through the episodes out of sexual activity is a reliable means of developing the chances away from an unplanned pregnancy very impractical. (zero contraceptive approach provides an one hundred% success rate, but if utilized truthfully every contraception actions provides a success price that is at the least 95% active, dependent on which one you opt for).


‘Condoms will be the simply sort of birth control that may each other avoid maternity and you can protect against sexually carried attacks (STI’s).’ (Site 2) Latex-free condoms appear out-of some stores in the event that either the brand new wearer of your own condom otherwise the partner provides a latex sensitivity.

Although not totally all seconds possess enacted since you had intercourse (and made use of one condom) you continue to cannot re also-fool around with one to condom . Oh, plus don’t clean they on the bathroom, it can simply clog the plumbing system, bin it.

Directions about how to correctly apply each other sorts of condom – female and male – is available subsequent down.

Made of a similar information because the a male condom to the same general laws and regulations; use only immediately after, do not clean down the restroom, etcetera.

The combined oral birth-control pill (aka ‘new pill’) for females

‘Whenever pulled correctly, the new tablet is over 99% capable of blocking pregnancy.’ (Resource 5) Does not provide shelter up against STI’s.

The new pill functions by steering clear of the ovaries off introducing a keen egg each month and you may thickening the latest mucus throughout the womb, so it is more challenging to have sperm to penetrate new uterus and you will come to the fresh eggs.

The newest pill is consumed orally. 1 pill have to be taken every day getting 21 successive months prior to ending to own eight consecutive months. Then you start the newest course again. This stage cannot be damaged. For optimum perception, on days you have to get a product, obtain it meanwhile daily.

Brand new Nexplanon (aka ‘this new contraceptive implant’) for females

The latest enhancement is actually a little vinyl rod which is placed under this new body in your top arm, opening new hormone progestogen into your bloodstream.

Such as ‘the pill’, it functions by preventing the ovaries from initiating a keen eggs for every few days and you may thickening the latest mucus on the womb, so it’s more difficult having cum to enter the newest womb and you may come to new eggs.

The fresh contraception injection for females

Similar in lots of areas for the birth control enhancement (select over), the brand new contraception shot launches the fresh hormone progestogen in the blood. This step suppress the discharge out of a keen eggs each month. Where they is different from ‘the fresh new pill’ and you may ‘brand new implant’ is it thickens the cervical mucus, so it’s burdensome for cum traveling from the cervix, and you may helps make the womb’s lining slimmer to minimize the likelihood of a fertilised egg implanting by itself.

Such as for instance ‘the fresh pill’ and you will ‘the latest implant’, this process from birth control is only active in the event that taken by good person who was born for the a body that had a pussy during its beginning (and their looks still has one exact same genitals).

The above was the basics of some selection regarding birth-control simply. This is not to be taken given that pointers which will be to have educational aim just. In terms of what birth-control is perfect for you, constantly visit your local GP and you can follow its guidance.