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Eg, Imam Husayn (pbuh) at the time of `Ashura’, speaking-to their loyal friends told you:

step 1. The latest link of crossing

In a few of life style, passing might have been called a bridge, over and that somebody, in the course of import out of this globe to another world, will cross and arrive at their purpose, which is the almost every other industry.

“Will always be business, O sons off good people, once the demise simply a connection that can cross you and import you from aches and you can troubles, towards the extensive home gardens away from eden. Thus which of you will not focus his liberty away from jail and you will getting into a castle; naturally, demise for your opposition feels as though the being moved from a beneficial palace and you may a palace into the prison and you can torture.”

dos. Elimination of dresses

In certain of your life style, death might have been compared to gowns, hence definitely changes, with regards to a great believer and you can an enthusiastic unbeliever. Passing, getting an excellent believer feels as though filthy dresses, that he eliminates and you will frees himself from the dirtiness and you can unpleasant scent, whereas, death with regards to an unbeliever is also including attire, however, breathtaking, expensive and pleasant-smell, which he need to eradicate off their human body at the time of transfer to one other community.

3. Sleep

In certain almost every other lifestyle, demise could have been compared to the bed, where in fact the heart fades of your own human body. Truly the only practical difference between sleep and death is the fact that the appearing out of the spirit regarding system, at the time of sleep, is only to own a brief period of energy. On the other hand, the connection amongst the system additionally the heart is not totally cut.

At the same time, scientific studies about new spirit possess turned-out your spirit maintains a connection with the body in an exceedingly unique manner. If you find yourself, during dying thereafter, the latest severance associated with connection is far more complete than you to definitely during sleep, although dodateДЌnГ© zdroje, after dying too, a faltering connection do exist having a certain several months.

Other section is the fact that coming out of brand new soul at enough time out-of dying continues up to the newest Common Resurrection. This tradition claims: Imam Muhammad Baqir (pbuh) are requested in what try passing? The brand new Holy Imam (pbuh) replied:

“Demise is the same bed which comes to you every night. However this is a sleep, which is very long, and you will child shall maybe not awaken of it until the Date away from Wisdom. Hence person who observes different kinds of pleasure and you can pleasure in the his bed more than which he, (in his wakefulness) doesn’t have strength and you may also he observes the various types of fear-instilling one thing, while he has no control over her or him. For this reason, exactly how ‘s the county of contentment and anxiety regarding bed? (The new situations is going to be also very about state off passing too). It is passing. Therefore be ready and you may available to it.”“Passing ‘s the very same sleep that comes for your requirements most of the evening. This really is a bed, which is long, and you may child shall not wake up of it till the Big date out-of View. Thus individual that observes different varieties of satisfaction and delight inside the their sleep more than he, (inside the wakefulness) doesn’t have strength and you can furthermore he observes various form of fear-instilling some thing, as he has no control of them. Thus, just how ‘s the county out-of pleasure and you can concern regarding sleep? (The fresh products can be also so in the county out of demise too). This is death. Therefore get ready and available to they.”

Sayings towards the Dying

dos. Person who development the brand new like and you will elegance out-of Almighty Allah (swt), constantly demise (Ajal) could well be prior to his attention and he would be usually concerned regarding the his demise. Although individual that capture Satan (Shaitan) because pal and will get evil doer (Bad-Bakht). Satan overpowers your and you may pamper (Giraftaar) him from inside the enough time desires and he never recalls death.